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We at Lexington Vinyl Siding & Windows  are committed to providing  The Highest Quality Workmanship & Materials .

Home improvement consumer complaints are the #1 area of complaints in the nation per Professional Remodeler Magazine .  Recent research has shown that poor quality work & incomplete jobs represent 82% of consumer complaints.


The majority of vinyl siding work (5+ years) has loose rolex replica watch vinyl siding or fascia on areas of the house.  Improper installation will allow water to get behind the vinyl; resulting in fake breitling watches damage which is expensive to repair.  Correct installation includes pre-drilling, use of shank nails, corner rolex perpetual caps & proper caulking.  This assures a long-lasting watertight job.


Correct installation is just as important as the type of vinyl windows you choose.  Windows installed loosely allow air to infiltrate around them; installed too tightly will not work properly.  Correct installation includes proper shimming & caulking.  We install all our windows from the outside; this prevents disturbing your inside moldings.  All window estimates include clean-up, rehanging blinds & windexing windows.

Protect your investment by using the highest Quality Workmanship & Materials.

Home / About Us / Buyer's Check List / Manufacturers' Links / Houses / Contact Us